TAPs Overview

Edward W. Knightly, "TAPs: An Architecture and Protocols for a High-Performance Multi-hop Wireless Infrastructure," October 2003

Ashu Sabharwal, "Enabling Large-scale Wireless Broadband: The Case for TAPs," November 2003

Ashu Sabharwal, "Building a Faster, Cheaper Wireless Network," July 2004

TAPs Poster Presentation

Patrick Murphy, J. Patrick Frantz, Edward Knightly and Behnaam Aazhang, "Design of the Transit Point Hardware Platform."


TAPs NSF ITR Retreat, May 11, 2006



Ed Knightly, "Opening Remarks," 5/11/06

Patrick Murphy, "Hardware and MIMO PHY implementation status," 5/11/06

Siddharth Gupta, "Radio libraries and platform support," 5/11/06

Farbod Khoshnevis, "Protocol overhead," 5/11/06

Melodie Chu and Chris Hunter, "MAC Implementation," 5/11/06

Ahmed Khattab, "Medium Access Control in MIMO-Based Multi-hop Wireless Networks," 5/11/06

Jingpu Shi, "Synchronized CSMA: model and fairness properties," 5/11/06

Marjan Karkooti and Yang Sun, "Configurable, High throughput LDPC decoder Architecture for Irregular codes," 5/11/06

Predrag Radosavljevic and Kiarash Amiri, "Iterative detection and decoding for achieving near-capacity: flexible high-throughput MIMO PHY design," 5/11/06

Amit Saha, "Throughput Improvement in Wireless Mesh Networks," 5/11/06

Joseph Camp, "Measurement Driven Deployment of a Two-Tier Urban Mesh Access Network," 5/11/06

Ashu Sabharwal, "TAPs/WARP - The Road Ahead," 5/11/06


Intel/Rice Workshop, March 31, 2006


Ed Knightly, "Agenda Overview," 3/31/06

Kerstin Johnsson, Hyunjeong Hannah Lee, "802.16 Roadmap," 3/31/06

Patrick Murphy, "TAPs Hardware Platform," 3/31/06

Joseph Camp, "Measurements and Deployment of TFA Wireless Mesh," 3/31/06

Alessandro Erta, "802.16 Scheduling," 3/31/06

Jingpu Shi, "Synchronized CSMA," 3/31/06


TAPs Presentation at ECE Affiliates Meeting, September 20, 2005

Joseph Camp, "Measurement Driven Deployment of a Two-Tier Urban Mesh Access Network," 09/20/05

Violeta Gambiroza, "End-to-End Performance and Fairness in Multihop Wireless Backhaul Networks," 09/20/05

Patrick Murphy, "Transit Access Point Platform," 09/20/05


Intel/Rice TAPs Workshop, October 15, 2004

Ed Knightly, "TAPs Overview," 10/15/04

Behnaam Aazhang , "TAP's Physical Layer: MIMO and Cooperative Communication," 10/15/04

Xingang Guo, "Stareast Platform Introduction," 10/15/04

Dina Papagiannaki, "Multi-Radio Multihop Wireless Networking at Intel Research Cambridge," 10/15/04

Joseph Camp, "Programmable and Off-the-Shelf Testbeds for Multi-hop Wireless Networks," 10/15/04

Arnab Chakrabarti, "Multi-radio Hardware Issues," 10/15/04

Violeta Gambiroza, "End-to-End Performance and Fairness in Multihop Wireless Backhaul Networks," 10/15/04

Patrick Murphy, "Design of the Transit Access Point Hardware Platform," 10/15/04


TAPs Workshop, September 10, 2004

Ashutosh Sabharwal, "TAP Design," 09/10/04, (pdf version)

Patrick Murphy, "TAP Hardware Design," 09/10/04

Christopher Steger, "TAP Transceiver Design," 09/10/04

Joshua Robinson, "Multi-radio Hardware Issues," 9/10/04

Amit Saha, "Routing Issues in the TAP Archictecture," 09/10/04

Bahar Sadeghi, "Fairness in TAP networks," 09/10/04

TAPs Workshop, December 14, 2003

Ashutosh Sabharwal, "TAP Progress Meeting," 12/14/03

Feifei Lou, "Synchronization and Channel Estimation for MIMO OFDM System," 12/14/03

Alexandre de Baynast, "TAP Physical Layer," 12/14/03

Violeta Gambiroza, "Coordinated Resource Management," 12/14/03

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